The digital security camera industry continues to evolve as most companies struggle to keep up with the times. New and emerging technology trends in IOT (Internet of things) and cloud-based solutions are at the forefront of camera technology discussions. Camera capabilities, unheard of in the past, are now common place with advancements in facial recognition and spatial awareness.

How do you know what is gimmick vs truly innovative?

While some technology out there is gimmick there is nothing to laugh at when it comes to video resolution. High quality images are making leaps and bounds in the cctv world. We at Kidon Security have noticed this trend for some time and reflect it in our products. Higher resolution for less cost in the market trend and you need to make sure your installer is keeping up with modern camera features.

Cloud based services make for an excellent redundancy when it comes to your security footage. Having data stream directly to the cloud eliminates tampering with onsite hardware that could result in loss of footage. With data stored in the cloud your video data is secure and with modern security implementations the footage would only be accessible by you.

Notifications and motion sensing is a technology that we have seen improve a lot over years as well. With modern technology and professional installation you will see most false-positive notifications eliminated. Kidon Security can deliver your security system implementation with all the modern functionality in mind along with support and ongoing maintenance you will never have to worry that technology is passing you by.