If you are a business owner in Clinton Township starting April 1st 2021 you are being required to implement security cameras and surveillance systems. Surveillance cameras will soon be mandatory in many businesses such as party stores that sell liquor, hotels, banks, pharmacies, gas stations and other businesses. Currently around 75 percent of businesses impacted by the requirements are already in compliance, security systems for your business are an important tool to business owners and according to the study most business owners seem to recognize that.

It appears Clinton Township will be the first in the state to make cameras mandatory, but unlikely to be the last. Local police issued a statement saying that cameras help deter crime. It has been our experience over the 20 years we have been in the business that this is a true statement. Cameras not only help prevent crime but with cloud storage, even if location is destroyed the documented proof helps catch and prosecute people responsible for crimes they commit.

While this ordinance is intended to increase security and monitoring for the township it has undoubtedly put a strain on some local businesses financially. Kidon Security Systems is here to help you meet the requirements while offering you the best possible pricing. That’s not to say that you would be missing out on any features, our camera systems are top quality and our installation services or unparalleled.

The ordinance went into effect April 1. Business owners have six months to comply so call us today if you need quality professional help.